Turning to Tehran

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photoIn what could mark an escalation of an already tense situation with Iran, top aides to President Bush met today to discuss options. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has said he's certain Tehran is harboring senior al-Qaida terrorists, a charge Iran denies.

Rumsfeld's remarks were the latest in a round of tough statements by American officials on what the United States alleges are Iran's supports for terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, relationship with al Qaeda and designs on Iraq.


Steven Weisman, chief diplomatic correspondent, The New York Times

Geneive Abdo, Co-author of "Answering Only to God: Faith and Freedom in Twenty-First Century Iran" and former correspondent with The Guardian in Iran from 1998 to 2001

Patrick Clawson, Deputy Director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Kenneth Timmerman, executive director and founder of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran.

This program aired on May 27, 2003.


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