Sink or Swim Economy

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photoAmerica's GDP is up, but the next job to go may be yours. Why do recovery and instability go hand-in-hand in America's new sink-or-swim economy?

The stock market is picking up but consumer confidence dropped this month. The $360 billion tax-cut that Congress approved recently will mean a higher dollar amount in everyone's paychecks starting next month, but will that lead to more spending?

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Harris Collingwood, freelance business writer and editor for BusinessWeek, SmartMoney, Worth, the Harvard Business Review, and the New York Times Magazine, co-author of "Profits You Can Trust: Spotting and Surviving Accounting Landmines"

Jared Bernstein, senior economist, Economic Policy Institute, former deputy chief economist at the U.S. Department of Labor

This program aired on June 13, 2003.


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