One War, Two Perspectives

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photoBoth the U.S. and Britian went to war in Iraq based on the same intelligence reports. In Britain, that intelligence is under investigation and Tony Blair is feeling the heat, but in the U.S., George Bush has managed to avoid such an investigation. Why are there such different reactions in the two countries? The two nations have different public perceptions of why the war was fought, and whether the end justifies the means. Tony Blair finds himself under attack from within his own party as well as the press, while George Bush appears to be the master of his own house — at least for the time being.


Pippa Norris, professor of political science at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

Spencer Ackerman, assistant editor at the New Republic and co-author of the article "The First Casualty" in the June 30th edition of The New Republic.

This program aired on July 3, 2003.


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