Liberia's Next Move

photoPresident Bush will not set foot in Liberia during his trip to Africa. But his demand that Charles Taylor step down from an embattled presidency is being heard loudly. Does the U.S. have the appetite for securing peace in another nation?


Sebastian Junger, journalist and author of "The Perfect Storm" and "Fire." He returned from Monrovia, Liberia where he was on assignment for "Vanity Fair"

Dr. Chester A. Crocker, Professor of Strategic Studies at Georgetown, specializing in the field of conflict management and mediation, Asst. Secretary of State for African Affairs, 1981-1989

Janet Fleischman, Washington director for Africa, Human Rights Watch

Robert Morris, Assistant Minister for Public Affairs 1987-1990 under Samuel Doe and Assistant Director General for Liberian Broadcasting System from 1992-1996, currently Dir. of Communications at the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota.

This program aired on July 7, 2003. The audio for this program is not available.


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