Who's Fighting Back in Iraq?

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photoPresident Bush declared major combat operations in Iraq officially over more than three months ago. However, the situation for American soldiers remains very dangerous as they continue to be under attack each day. Who are the people attacking U.S. troops and why are they attacking? What motivates the Iraqi resistance? What are their personal stories?

Four overseas correspondents who have seen first hand the face of those opposing American troops tell their stories, painting a very diverse picture of the situation. They discuss Saddam loyalists, organized underground militant groups, Muslim militants coming into Iraq to attack Americans, and about ordinary Iraqi citizens, embittered when their family members or leaders are arrested or even killed.

What can we learn from the faces and the stories of Iraqi resistance? Is there a way to end the violence, or keep it from getting worse? What is the best solution?

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Barry Posen, professor of political science, MIT

Simon Robinson, reporter, TIME Magazine

Scheherezade Faramarzi, reporter, Associated Press

Colin Soloway, reporter, Newsweek Magazine

Neil MacFarquhar, reporter, The New York Times

This program aired on August 15, 2003.


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