Greg Proops

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photoYou've seen him in sitcoms, and heard him in voice-overs. He's hosted a television dating game, reality TV, and he tours with "The Improv All-Stars." Greg Proops has regularly appeared on both the British and American versions of the hit TV show, "Whose Line Is It Anyway."

But Proops has always considered "stand-up" comedy his real job, his true calling.

Raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Greg Proops made his first awkward appearance on a local stage at the age of 15. Now 43, Proops performs on both sides of the Atlantic. He has a devoted following in the UK. He's performed for troops in Bosnia, Kosovo and the Persian Gulf. Proop's comedy is smart, fast and irreverent, in the tradition of Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks. He describes his style as a "sort of baroque dissing ... a lot of adjectives, punctuated with profanity," calling on the carpet everything from Hollywood life to weapons of mass destruction to "The Osbournes."

Click the "Listen" link to hear Greg Proops talk about life, the world, and why stand-up comedy is his real calling.


Greg Proops, stand up comic, hyper improviser, cartoon voice and sitcom star.

This program aired on August 19, 2003.


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