Roads Taken and the Road Ahead

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photoSeptember 11th, 2001 transformed our lives. Two years later, America is a different place, in a different world. In a world where airplanes are turned into missiles, where sixteen-acres at Ground Zero still smolder like an open wound.

September 11th, 2001 also transformed America. Two years, two wars. One in Afghanistan. One in Iraq. The nation is still fighting a third war, the War on Terror, a war that may not, in our lifetimes, have an end.

September 11th, 2001 propelled the U.S. down a path that few of us might have expected, but one that all of us are now traveling. As time slowly telescoping away from that day of tragedy and fire those who were affected have two years of perspective.

Click the "Listen" link to hear a discussion on the road the United States has taken since September 11th, the choices it has and has not made, and the options America has for its future.


Michael Ignatieff, director of the Carr Center at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine

William Leuctenberg, Pulitzer-Prize winning historian

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst

This program aired on September 11, 2003.


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