Anne Garrels Tells Her Own War Story

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photoStaying on top of the news from Iraq has been no easy battle from the beginning. NPR correspondent Anne Garrels knows. Despite the danger and the exodus of many fellow journalists, she stayed behind in Baghdad when the first bombs fell last March.

On the eve of war and through what we now see as its opening blast, Anne Garrels took NPR listeners into Iraqi hospitals and homes, to coffee shops and backyard bomb shelters. Now, in a new book, she talks about that experience and tells her own Iraq war story.

Click the "Listen" link to hear a conversation with NPR's Anne Garrels about her experience of covering the war in Iraq.


Anne Garrels, correspondent National Public Radio, author of "Naked in Bagdad"

Michael Ware, foreign correspondent Time magazine with the latest news from Baghdad

Rageh Omaar, BBC correspondent covering war in Iraq

This program aired on September 30, 2003.


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