Bush's Energy Plan

photoPresident Bush has called for America to revamp its energy policy, and reduce its dependence on foreign oil. Drilling in Alaska is part of the plan. Tighter emissions requirements are not. The bill is packed with incentives for the industry to build cleaner cars and develop alternate energy sources.

But Don Barlett argues in his recent article, "The Great Energy Scam," that many of the incentives will not work, because policies like them which cost the taxpayer billions have failed before.

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Donald Barlett, editor-at-large, and co-author of "The Great Energy Scam" in the Oct. 13 issue of Time Magazine

David Goldstein, energy program director, Natural Resource Defense Council

Jonathan Adler, assistant professor of law at Case Western University

This program aired on October 13, 2003. The audio for this program is not available.


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