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photoAs the case for war in Iraq evolved and changed so did the intelligence that was used to make it. For months the airwaves were filled with accounts of weapons of mass destruction and Iraqi nuclear programs pushing toward building a bomb. Post-invasion, those weapons and programs have not been found.

Seymour Hersh, investigative reporter for The New Yorker Magazine, has been digging deep in the cloak and dagger world of the CIA and beyond for the inside story of how the case was made for the invasion of Iraq. Hersh calls the intelligence gaps, overrides and manipulations that cleared the way for war, "stovepiping."

Click the "Listen" link to hear Seymor Hersh talk about the American intelligence methods and reports that led to the war in Iraq.


Seymour Hersh, Investigative Reporter for the New Yorker Magazine

Jack Beatty, "On Point" news analyst and senior editor at the Atlantic Monthly magazine.

This program aired on October 23, 2003.


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