The Gilder Boom

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photoHis "slightest utterance can move markets," the Wall Street Journal once said about George Gilder. The 1990s visionary and founder of the Gilder Report railed against regulations, and saw enormous potential and profit in fiber optics and wireless technologies. Then the bubble burst and Gilder's empire collapsed.

Tonight On Point: why George Gilder still sees a bright future for the high-tech industry.


George Gilder, his career has spanned technology, economics, politics and writing. He helped fuel the telecommunications bubble, and lost his fortune when the bubble burst. He is president of the Gilder Technology Group, which publishes The Gilder Technology Report. He is a senior fellow of the Discovery Institute, a conservative think tank, and a former speechwriter for President Reagan. He is author of "Telecosm: The World after Bandwidth Abundance," "Microcosm: The Quantum Revolution In Economics And Technology" and "Wealth and Poverty."

This program aired on October 28, 2003.


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