Junk Politics: Dumbing Down to the Voter

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photoIn his forthcoming book, excerpted in November's Harper's Magazine, critic Ben DeMott lambastes trends in junk politics. Our political language is changing, he argues, to newspeak that plays up similarities, minimizes differences, and addresses few important issues.

If the trend continues, DeMott argues, we are in danger of losing touch with our basic democratic ideals. Tonight, On Point: where the language of politicians, the media and Americans is leading us.


Benjamin DeMott, author of forthcoming "Junk Politics", and "You Don't Say: Modern American Inhibitions" (2002), "The Imperial Middle: Why Americans Can't Think Straight about Class" (1992), "The Trouble with Friendship
Why Americans Can't Think Straight about Race" (1998)

This program aired on November 18, 2003.


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