Labors of Love

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photoWhat's your brand? If you're a single woman 35 years or older and want to get married, you'd better come up with one, and fast, says author Rachel Greenwald. In her new book, "Find a Husband After 35," the Harvard MBA tells women how to package their assets, develop a personal brand, use direct mail, and telemarketing to find a husband.

Critics say this approach is another example of how the Dating Industrial Complex is taking over the lives of single people, and rendering their lives unfulfilled unless they are part of a couple.


Rachel Greenwald, author of "Find a Husband After 35: Using What I Learned At Harvard Business School"

Bella DePaulo, visiting professor of psychology at The University of California at Santa Barbara, studies singles

Sasha Cagen, author of forthcoming book " Quirkyalone: a manifesto for uncompromising romantics"

This program aired on December 8, 2003.


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