Seeing Red

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photoNASA releases color photos of the red planet--the first from the surface of Mars in seven years. Black and white photos from roboticic rover Spirit revealed a 4-billion-year-old crater the size of Connecticut.

The early success of the mission is just the boost NASA needed after the Columbia tragedy last year. For his part, in the past few months, President Bush has said that he wants to expand America's space program.

Are you exciting about space again? Are these images back from Mars propelling you to want to know more about what's out there? Or does it feel like a waste of money?


James Garvin, chief scientist for NASA's Mars Exploration Project

Andrew Chaikin, science writer and author of "A Man on the Moon:The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts"

William Boynton, professor of planetary sciences at The University of Arizona

Alan Bean, retired astronaut, lunar module pilot on Apollo 12

This program aired on January 5, 2004.


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