For Pete's Sake

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photoThe truth is rolling off the presses. In his new book "My Prison Without Bars," Pete Rose admits that he bet on baseball while manager of the Cincinati Reds during the 1980's. Rose had been banned from the game in 1989 and through the years had vehemently denied that he had bet on the game.

No one ever questioned the baseball greatness of Pete Rose. He is the all-time hitting king and was a sure bet for the Hall of Fame until his gambling ways slammed the door shut.

Is this late admission, 14 years in the waiting, enough to get him into Cooperstown? Should it?


Fay Vincent, Commissioner of Major Leage Baseball from 1989 to 1992

George Vecsey, sports writer for The New York Times

Tim Kurkjian, covers baseball for ESPN and regular contributor to NPR's "Only A Game"

Jim Gray, sports reporter for ESPN and ABC-TV

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst and senior editor at the Atlantic Monthly magazine.

This program aired on January 7, 2004.


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