U.S. Casualties In Iraq

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photoThe number of American troops who have died in Iraq hit 500 in a road side bombing over the weekend. As the number of killed and wounded grows, the true cost of the war in Iraq increases as well.

Views on whether the war is justified or not vary greatly but the support and concern for the lives of the soldiers who have been tasked with the difficult mission of rebuilding Iraq is unanimous.

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Thanassis Cambanis, Boston Globe Reporter

Jane Bright, mother of 24 year old Evan Bright killed in action on July 24th 2003

Greg Garvey, father of Justin Garvey, killed in action July 20th 2003

Jarry Sheese, husband presently serving in Iraq in the Army Reserve

Steve Cleghorn, son serving in Iraq at 5th army headquarters.

This program aired on January 19, 2004.


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