Candidates in New Hampshire

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photoThe surprise Kerry and Edwards showings in Iowa have shaken up the Democratic race. The candidates are now focused on this election year's first primary, in New Hampshire. We look ahead to the January 27th vote. Tonight, On Point, the changing presidential race.


Kathie Obradovich, political editor, Des Moines Register

Gerald Pomper, professor of political science, Rutgers University and author of the forthcoming book "Ordinary Heroes and American Democracy"

Brian Murphy, senior editor,, a political news web site for New Hampshire voters, and vice president, The Publius Group, which operates news websites in five states

Linda Fowler, professor of policy studies, Dartmouth College and author of "Candidates, Congress, and the American Democracy: Analytical Perspectives on Politics" and "Political Ambition: Who Decides to Run for Congress."

This program aired on January 20, 2004.


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