Primary Politics, Part III

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We are broadcasting tonight from Manchester, New Hampshire where at this minute polls are closing in the nation's first primary vote of the 2004 presidential campaign. By eight o'clock tonight Eastern Time, one hour from now, polls will be closed across all of New Hampshire, and exit polls should be giving us a pretty good idea of how the Democratic contenders for nomination and the White House have stacked up in the contest.

Throughout the evening, we will bring you all the breaking news, results the minute they emerge, and interviews from across the state and the country.


Live reports from campaign headquarters with WBUR's political unit

Daniel Payne, communiation's consultant to Democratic candidates

Todd Domke, Republican media consultant

Al From, Founder and CEO of the Democratic Leadership Council

Lee Bandi, chief political writer, "The State" (Columbia, SC)

Joan Vennochi, political columnist, The Boston Globe

Jo Mannies, political correspondent, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Carmel Perez-Snyder, Capitol correspondent, The Oklahoman

Jon Kamman, chief political reporter, The Arizona Rpublic

Walter Cronkite, veteran journalist, former CBS Evening News Anchorman;Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst

This program aired on January 27, 2004.


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