The Primaries Go National: Part Two

photoSeven states went to the polls and caucuses today as the primaries move South and West. After victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, John Kerry is now the man to beat. Howard Dean has fired his campaign manager and looking ahead to Washington and MIchigan. John Edwards hopes a win in South Carolina will be the first in a string of victories in the South. Wesley Clark is also looking for his first win.

Throughout the hour, we'll hear from some of the top political reporters from across the country and get up-to-the minute news and perspective as this mega-primary day unfolds. We'll also hear from the candidates, and look ahead to the next round of contests.


Karen Tumulty, national correspondent Time magazine

Joan Vennocchi, columnist The Boston Globe

John Simpkins, Associate Director of the Richard Riley Institute at Furman University

Josh Flory, politcal reporter The Columbia Daily Tribune

Steve Murphy, campaign manager for Dick Gephardt

Crhis Suellentrop, political reporter Slate.Com, covering Wesley Clark

Jeanne Shaheen, national campaign chair for John Kerry, former governor of New Hampshire

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst, senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly magazine

This program aired on February 3, 2004. The audio for this program is not available.


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