Outsourcing American Jobs

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photoAmerican jobs are flying overseas. Politicians are starting to moan. But what are the real options here? We'll look at free trade, protectionism, and the future.


Paul Craig Roberts, economist and columnist for Creators Syndicate, former assistant secretary of the treasury for economic policy in the Reagan administration (1981-1982)

Everett Ehrlich, director of research, Committee for Economic Development and former undersecretary of commerce for economic affairs in the Clinton administration

Douglas Irwin, professor of economics, Dartmouth College and author of "Free Trade Under Fire"

Rep. Frank Lagrotta, Democratic representative who served nine terms for the 10th District in the Pennsylvania State Legislature. His commentary in the March 8 issue of The Nation is "'Outsourcing' Our Lives."

This program aired on February 26, 2004.


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