Ethics Under the Dome

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photoAt a Tuesday press conference, a group of watchdog organizations from across the political spectrum called for reform of the House ethics committee. The move was sparked by two particularly controversial allegations that have yet to be addressed by the committee.

One involves House Majority Leader Tom Delay, Republican of Texas, who has been accused of using a tax-exempt children's charity to underwrite lavish entertainment for big donors at the upcoming GOP convention. The other involves Representative Nick Smith, Republican of Michigan, who allegedly was offered a bribe of support for his son's campaign in an alleged effort to buy his Medicare vote.

Tonight, On Point looks at charges of an ethical breakdown in the House of Representatives.


Gail Chaddock, Congressional reporter for The Christian Science Monitor

Chellie Pingree, chief executive officer of Common Cause

Russ Verney, director of Southwestern Regional Headquarters, Judicial Watch.

This program aired on March 4, 2004.


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