Second Front Bad Dream in Iraq

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photoOver the past year, most Iraqi resistance to U.S. troops has come from minority Sunni areas. But now it seems the majority Shiites are acting against Americans too, as Shiite cleric Moqtada Al Sadr urges revolt against "the law of the American tyranny and its filthy constitution."

Just how widespread is Iraqi resentment of the coalition forces, and how should the U.S. respond?


Rod Nordland, Baghdad bureau chief, Newsweek;
Bernard Trainor, retired Marine Corps three-star general and former deputy chief of staff for plans, policies and operations, New York Times military correspondent and author of "The Generals' War: The Inside Story of the Persian Gulf War"

Richard Norton, professor of national security policy at the United States Naval War College: Dilip Hiro, writer for the Guardian and author of 15 books on the Middle East including, "Iraq In the Eye of the Storm" and "Secrets and Lies: Operation "Iraqi Freedom" and After"

This program aired on April 5, 2004.

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