Leading Iraq Out of Occupation

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photoAfter a month of wrangling, a new caretaker government has been formed in Iraq. Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer was chosen president of the interim government after the U.S. favorite, Adhan Pachachi, turned down the job because he lacked support from authority members. Other cabinet members were also chosen from among Iraq's religious and ethnic groups.

Within hours, the Iraqi Governing Council dissolved itself. In a possibly ominous sign, strong explosions rocked Baghdad shortly after the announcement of the new government.

Click the "Listen" link to hear how Iraqis are responding and whether the June 30th handover suddenly looks more manageable.


Anne Barnard, Baghdad correspondent, The Boston Globe;
Judith Yaphe, project director at the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. and formerly a senior intelligence officer in the CIA from 1975-1995 in the Office of Near Eastern and South Asian Analysis

David Mack, vice president, Middle East Institute, former deputy assistant secretary of state for Near East Affairs (1990-1993) and ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (1986-1989), U.S. diplomatic assignments included Iraq, Jordan, Jerusalem, Lebanon, Libya, and Tunisia

Fawaz Gerges, chair of the Department of Middle East and International Affairs at Sarah Lawrence College, author of "America and Political Islam: Clash of Cultures or Clash of Interest."

This program aired on June 1, 2004.


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