Iraq: Who's to Blame?

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photoRetired General Anthony Zinni was the Bush administration's top envoy to the Middle East until just before the invasion of Iraq. The 40-year veteran of Vietnam, Somalia, counter-terrorism, and top diplomatic duty said in 2002 that it would be "the wrong war at the wrong time."

Now, Zinni is out with a new book, which he has co-authored with Tom Clancy, entitled "Battle Ready." Talking about it two weeks ago on CBS's 60 Minutes, he said that staying the course in Iraq would mean heading "over Niagara Falls," and that it was time for "heads to roll" at the Pentagon.

Click the "Listen" link to hear Retired General Anthony Zinni talk about the rapid-fire chain of events unfolding in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Washington.


Anthony Zinni, retired General, United States Marine Corps, from 1997-2000 was commander in chief of the United States Central Command, in charge of all American troops in the Middle East, special envoy to Middle East, 2002-2003, co-author with Tom Clancy of the new book "Battle Ready."

This program aired on June 7, 2004.


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