The Clinton Factor in the 2004 Election

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photoBill Clinton's autobiography has finally hit the stands and that puts the former president back in the spotlight. In an effort to distance himself from the Monica Lewinsky affair, Al Gore sidelined his former boss in 2000 and lost the election.

Now Clinton with all his charisma is back in the saddle, riding high with a $10 million book advance and high approval ratings with the American people. Will he overshadow the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry? Or will Kerry enlist Clinton to stump for him on the campaign trail?

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On Point guest host Julian Marshall

Charlotte Abbott, news book editor, Publisher's Weekly

Cathy Allen, Democratic strategist

Charles Black, Republican strategist

John Harwood, political editor, The Wall Street Journal

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst, senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly;

This program aired on June 22, 2004.


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