Female Leadership in Iraq

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photoWomen comprise more than half of the Iraqi population. But in the new interim Iraqi government which will take the reins of sovereignty from the U.S. Coalition Provisional Authority on June 30, 2004, women will fill only six of the 33 ministerial positions. Compared to other Muslim countries in the Middle East, that's a big achievement.

Historically, Iraqi women have played a relatively active role in their society and as breadwinners in their families, whether they were community leaders, educators, doctors or engineers. But that doesn't necessarily mean women are sufficiently represented in Iraq.

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Nasreen Berwari, Minister of Public Works in the new Iraqi interim government

Swanee Hunt, lecturer at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, and founder of the nonprofit organization Women Waging Peace

Ala Talabani, co-founder of Women for a Free Iraq and the Iraqi Women's High Council, and former vice president of the Kurdistan Women's Union

This program aired on June 23, 2004.


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