Bush and the Black Vote

photoPresident Bush declined an invitation to speak at this week's NAACP convention, making him the first president since Herbert Hoover not to appear. Now, the group's chairman is urging its members to vote the president out of office.

Bush critics say the president is turning his nose up at a valuable voting bloc. Bush defenders say there's no love lost between the president and the NAACP, and that in turning down the invitation to speak at this week's convention, Bush was simply acknowledging the obvious.

Click one of the "listen" links to hear about President Bush's relationship with the African-American community.


Vernon Clark, staff writer, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Earl Ofari Hutchinson, author and political analyst

Cornell Belcher, pollster for progressive and minority organizations

John McWhorter, senior fellow, The Manhattan Institute.

This program aired on July 15, 2004. The audio for this program is not available.


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