9/11 Commission Report: Looking Forward

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photoAfter nearly two years of investigation, the 9/11 Commission released its final report today. The failures of 9/11 were many and terrible, but it was the future of American national security that got the biggest emphasis from the report.

At today's press conference, former Congressman Lee Hamilton, Vice Chair of the Commission, urged a new approach on many fronts, an approach that will challenge Washington's capacity for change.

Click one of the "Listen" links to hear about the report's emphasis on and recommendations for the future of American national security.


Admiral Stansfield Turner (US Navy Retired), Senior Research Scholar at the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland University, Director of Central Intelligence from 1977-1981

Juliette N. Kayyem
Senior Fellow and Adjunct Lecturer Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government

Stephen E. Flynn (Commander, US Coast Guard, Retired) Senior Fellow for National Security Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

Niki Stern, Executive Director, Families of September 11.

This program aired on July 22, 2004.


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