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The Democrats and Iraq

This article is more than 18 years old.
photoThe nation's attention is focused on the Democratic Convention in Boston this week. But on the other side of the world, Iraq is still in turmoil.

Today, 68 people were killed by a suicide car bomb in Baquba. Two coalition troops were killed in a clash with insurgents in western Iraq.

The Democrats largely oppose the Bush administration's policies in Iraq, but they have yet to offer a viable alternative. To win the November election, they will need to convince Americans that they have a better way.

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Sen. Robert Byrd, (D) WV

Susan Rice, Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Kerry Campaign

Peter Canellos, staff writer at the Boston Globe

Senator Henry Waxman, Democrat-CA, ranking minority member of the Committee on Government Reform, and member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce

Jack Beatty, On Point News Analyst and Senior Editor at The Atlantic Monthly.

This program aired on July 28, 2004.


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