John Kerry Speaks

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photoLast night, the Democrats officially nominated John Kerry, and tonight, he will address the delegates at the convention. Kerry's advisors have been working hard to develop his image and craft a message for his campaign.

The Democrats have put many people forward to speak on Kerry's behalf. We have heard from the Democratic Party's top dogs, including Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barak Obama, and Jimmy Carter. But what is the nation expecting from John Kerry himself? And will he deliver?

Tune in to hear live from the Fleet Center about John Kerry's nomination acceptance speech on the final night of the 2004 DNC.


Joe Lockhart, chief spokesman for the Clinton administration from 1998-2000

Joan Vennochi, columnist for The Boston Globe

Senator Joe Biden

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst and senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly.

This program aired on July 29, 2004.


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