Margaret Cho: My Career In Comedy

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The amazing Margaret Cho has made a career of bold, in-your-face self-deprecation. A self-described Korean-American fag hag, girl comic, and trash talker, she jokes about rough subjects made intimate: dating disorders and drug abuse, boundary-crossing sexual misadventure, and self-described sluttiness.

But it is Margaret Cho's dark horse sensibility that has won the hearts of her cheering fans during sold-out tours. And on her most recent show, the politically-charged "Revolution," they scream "Margaret Cho for President," and they seem to mean it.

But Cho's no-holds-barred humor is not universally loved. She was scheduled to headline at an event on the opening night of the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston but was "uninvited."

Tune in to hear Margaret Cho talk about her career and her most recent one-woman show, "Revolution."


Margaret Cho, stand-up comedian. Her latest one-woman show "Revolution" is out this month on DVD. Her next show "State of Emergency" will tour through many of the swing states this fall.

This program aired on July 30, 2004.


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