Pedal to the Medal

photoIn just four days, the Olympics return to where they began. For Athens, it has been a Herculean challenge and mad dash to the finish line. Terrorism fears are high. Ticket sales are light. There's the doping scandal in track and field.

There are also great expectations for Olympic glory. American swimmer Michael Phelps goes after Mark Spitz's record seven gold medals. Marion Jones, still under investigation, makes a run for the gold in the long jump. Daiane Dos Santos hopes to win Brazil its first medal in gymnastics.

Tune in tonight as we raise the curtain on Athens as it takes the world stage, ready or not.


John Psaropoulos, editor, Athens News

John Powers, Olympics' writer, The Boston Globe, covering his 17th Olympics

Bill Saporito, editor-at-large, Time magazine, directing Olympic coverage

Shaun Assael, senior writer, ESPN The Magazine, covering track and field

David Kylie, marketing editor, BusinessWeek magazine.

This program aired on August 9, 2004. The audio for this program is not available.

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