Defense Priorities

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photoThe cost of the Iraq war so far is $144.4 billion. That includes the $25 billion in the administration's budget request for next year.

The Bush White House drove forward the Iraq mission under the banner of national security. But are the American people any safer? Now we have the 9/11 Commission report, and terror alerts in New York, New Jersey and Washington. Saddam Hussein is in custody. But Osama bin Laden is not.

One group asks, was there a better way to spend the tax dollars that went to war? And what is the best way to allocate American funds and resources in the war on terrorism?

Tune in as we cast a clear, critical eye on what the Iraq war price tag could have bought for American national security.


P.J.Crowley, senior fellow and director of National Defense and Homeland Security at the Center for American Progress

Nancy Soderberg, Vice President of the International Crisis Group and former ambassador to the United Nations.

This program aired on August 11, 2004.


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