Hendrick Hertzberg

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photoOne of the leading political essayists in America, writer Hendrick Hertzberg started his writing career at the Harvard Crimson, then went off to write for Newsweek, the New Republic, and the New Yorker, where he's been the principal political voice since 1992. Hertzberg was also a speechwriter for U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

His new book, "Politics: Observations and Arguments, 1996-2004," is a compilation of some of Hertzberg's best writing over the years.

Tune in to hear a conversation with Hendrick Hertzberg about his life, politics, and writing.


Hendrick Hertzberg, political essayist for The New Yorker, former editor of The New Republic, and former speechwriter for U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

This program aired on August 17, 2004.


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