Torture and Accountability at Abu Ghraib

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photoSince the chilling images of torture at Abu Ghraib prison first became public, there have been a slew of investigations and reports but so far only one person has been convicted and no one at the Pentagon has lost their job.

The latest report came today from the Schlesinger panel. Despite being appointed by Donald Rumsfeld, it found that there were leadership failures in Washington. James Schlesinger, who served as Secretary of Defense for Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, headed the panel and spoke today at a Washington Press conference.

With horrifying photos, videos and a stream of memos piling up as evidence, what will be done with it remains to be seen. How high up the chain of command does responsibility go?

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Lawrence Korb, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress and Former Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration (1981-1985)

Reed Brody, Special Counsel with Human Rights Watch and author of the report "The Road to Abu Ghraib"

Dorothy Rabinowitz, Editorial Staff Member of the Wall Street Journal.

This program aired on August 24, 2004.


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