California's Proposition 71

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photoA proxy battle is taking place in the national fight over stem cell research. In November, Californians will vote on Proposition 71, which could bypass federal restrictions on research funding and have far reaching implications for the rest of the country.

If passed, Proposition 71 would take $3 billion in taxpayer-backed loans and focus funding on areas of stem cell research that have been denied federal money under the Bush administration's controversial restrictions.

The $3 billion could radically impact the biotech landscape but opponents worry that it may be a reckless charge into uncharted and unregulated waters. Whether it's a good idea or not for Californians is up to them, and their decision will have a big impact on the rest of the country.

Hear a discussion on California's controversial move to end federal stem cell restrictions.


Laura Mecoy, Los Angeles correspondent for the Sacramento Bee

Dan Sarewitz, managing director of the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at Arizona State University and author of "Frontiers of Illusion: Science, Technology, and the Politics of Progress"

Francine Coeytaux, spokesperson for the "Pro-Choice Alliance Against Proposition 71"

Jerry Zucker, on the board of "Yes on Proposition 71

This program aired on September 27, 2004.


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