War and the American Presidency

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photoArthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. has been watching Americans make history and live with history for a long time. The former presidential advisor and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian believes that American unilateralism has been a thread of American foreign policy long before and after the establishment of the U.N.

But now Schlesinger is arguing that the Bush administration has taken the notion of unilateralism and turned it into a justification for pre-emptive war. It has left the United States more feared and hated than at any time in history, he says, and has placed American democracy itself at risk.

Hear a conversation with historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. about the future of American presidential power.


Arthur M. Schlesinger,Jr., author of "War and the American Presidency," two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, former advisor and speechwriter for President John F. Kennedy.

This program aired on October 6, 2004.


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