Che Guevara's Life and Legacy

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"Che" Guevara was a superstar of romantic and real rebellion in the 1960s. Born Ernesto Guevara to a well-off Argentine family in 1928, the man who became globally known as Che was a key ally of Fidel Castro in Cuba's revolution. He traveled Latin America and beyond with a message of revolutionary anti-imperialism. Thirty-seven years ago this week he was captured and executed, on orders of the CIA, in Bolivia.

And now, Che is back. He's back in the movies, back in popular culture and imagination, and interestingly, he's back at a time when the word "imperialism" is in vogue again. But what does Che mean this time?

Hear about the surprising return of Che Guevara.


James Hoberman, film critic for the Village Voice. His piece "Ernesto Goes to the Movies" appeared in the October issue of The American Prospect magazine.

Jay Cantor, author of "The Death of Che Guevara" and professor of English at Tufts University.

Carlos Riobo, assistant professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies at Barnard College.

This program aired on October 7, 2004.


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