Strategy for the Homestretch

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photoElection Day 2004 is only weeks away. The candidates must decide where to advertise, which issues to stress and where, and how to best tip the scales in their favor by trying to capture the undecided voter.

After the 2000 election, armchair quarterbacks criticized Al Gore for ignoring states he should have focused on, and by not effectively highlighting the Clinton Administration's economic success. Both Bush and Kerry are trying to learn from those mistakes in this year's race.

Hear about the final homestrech strategies both candidates will use to win the race to the White House.


John Harwood, political reporter for the Wall Street Journal

Kathleen Frankovic, pollster for CBS News

Jim Dyke, communications director for the Republican National Committee

Jim Pinkerton, columnist for Newsday, regular contributor to Fox News Channel, former White House aide to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush

Debra de Shong, senior advisor to the Kerry-Edwards Campaign

Alexandra Starr, Capitol Hill reporter for Businessweek magazine

Harold Ickes, chief of staff of ACT, former deputy chief of staff for President Clinton

Jack Beatty, news analyst for On Point, senior editor at The Atlantic Monthly.

This program aired on October 14, 2004.


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