Candidates on the Environment

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photoOf all the issues in this year's bruising presidential election, perhaps none separates the candidates as clearly as the environment. From core philosophy to policies that touch the deepest American wilderness, George Bush and John Kerry stand miles apart.

President George W. Bush says he's got a solid record, and would continue to be a good steward of the environment. Senator John Kerry counters that he would be a "true environmental president," and that Bush's environmental stewardship has been one of the worst in modern history.

Hear about the candidates' plans for the environment.


Jane Kay, environment writer, San Francisco Chronicle

Lynn Scarlett, Assistant Secretary of Policy, Management and Budget at the Department of the Interior. She served on President Bush's environmental policy task force during his 2000 presidential campaign. She is the author of numerous publications on incentive-based environmental policies, including "Race to the Top: State Environmental Innovations.";Elgie Holstein, senior advisor on energy and environmental issues for the Kerry campaign. Former Chief of Staff for Energy Secretaries Federico Pena and Bill Richardson. Senior advisor to President Clinton on energy and the environment.

This program aired on October 20, 2004.


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