Spotlight on the Liberal Label

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photoAs the 2004 presidential campaign heads into the final home stretch, Republican strategists are leaning hard on the use of the "liberal" label.

Democrats run from the "liberal" word like the plague but it has always come back to haunt them, and this year's presidential race has been no exception.

Hear what "liberal" means in today's political environment and how both candidates are using it in this year's election campaign.


Geoffrey Nunberg, senior researcher at the Center for the Study of Language and Information at Stanford University, author of Going Nucular: Language, Politics, and Culture in Confrontational Times

Stephen Moore, president of the Club for Growth and a contributing editor for National Review. He is the author of "Privatization: A Strategy for Taming the Deficit" and editor of Restoring the Dream: What House Republicans Plan to Do Now to Strengthen the Family, Balance the Budget, and Replace Welfare

Robert Reich, professor of social and economic policy at Brandeis University, Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, and author of Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America.

This program aired on October 21, 2004.


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