Election Night: Part Two

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photoThis hour, polls close in 17 states, including Missouri, and Pennsylvania, which have been some of the most hotly-contested states in this year's campaign.

Which way many of the key battleground states will go could well determine which way Election 2004 is going to turn.

Tune in to hear about exit poll results, live reports from the ground in some of the key states, and live reports from the campaign headquarters of both presidential candidates.


Steve Jarding, adjunct professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of government, Democratic strategist

James Nuzzo, Republican strategist

Daniel Payne, Democratic media consultant

Bob Oakes, WBUR "Morning Edition" Host, following the polls

Audie Cornish, WBUR reporter at Kerry campaign headquarters

Monica Brady-Myerov, WBUR reporter at Bush campaign headquarters

Fred Thys, WBUR reporter following the race in New Hampshire

Josh Flory, Columbia Daily Tribune

Dee Hall, Political reporter, The Wisconsin State Journal

Michael Coleman, political reporter, The Albuquerque Journal

Jack Beatty, On Point news analyst, senior editor for The Atlantic Monthly.

This program aired on November 2, 2004.


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