Politics, Iraqi Style

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photoWith the deadline for elections in Iraq quickly approaching, at least 13 Iraqis were killed just today from a bomb at the gates of Baghdad's Green Zone, and at least seven U.S. Marines were killed yesterday alone.

President Ghazi al-Yawer has issued a dire warning that if things don't change soon, the country will be ripe for what he called an "Iraqi Hitler" to appear.

And as widespread debate continues on whether elections should even be held next January, Iraqi factions are beginning to organize themselves into some form of a representative body.

Tune in to hear a discussion on what the political landscape in Iraq will look like by election day.


Alissa Rubin, correspondent for the Los Angeles Times in Baghdad;

Ghassan Atiyahh, founder of the Iraqi Foundation for Development and Democracy and head of the new Iraqi Independent Block;

Juan Cole, professor of Middle Eastern studies at University of Michigan, author of Sacred Space and Holy War: The Politics, Culture and History of Shiite Islam;

Ambassador Peter Galbraith, former US ambassador to Croatia, fellow at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

This program aired on December 13, 2004.


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