Asian Power in the 21st Century

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photoThe tsunami disaster that shook Southeast Asia over Christmas left over 150,000 dead, more than 500,000 seriously injured, and millions more homeless.

But commitments of aid from around the world have been growing by the day, including many from Asia's biggest powerbrokers: India, China, and Japan. The crisis is raising questions of leadership and power within the region and for the role the U.S. will play.

Tune in to hear about the effort to rebuild tsunami-hit countries and the new emerging face of Asia.


Janaki Kremmer, correspondent, The Christian Science Monitor

Gerald Curtis, professor of political science and former director of the East Asian Institute at Columbia University

Kenneth Lieberthal, professor of political science and business administration at the University of Michigan and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, former special assistant to President Clinton and senior director for Asia on the National Security Council

Adil Najam, associate professor of International Negotiation and Diplomacy at The Fletcher School at Tufts University.

This program aired on January 4, 2005.


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