Social Security Reform: Lessons From Abroad

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photoCountries such as Britain, Chile, Argentina, Sweden and Poland have attempted to ensure the solvency of their pension systems and embraced private accounts. Their efforts can inform the debate on reforming Social Security in the U.S.

Other countries' experiments have met with mixed results that could foretell troubles for a similiar reform in the U.S. Some observers are cautioning that before making radical changes to the U.S. system, the Bush administration should look closely at what such changes have produced around the world.

Hear a discussion on global lessons in social security reform.


Norma Cohen, correspondent for the Financial Times of London

Truman Packard, Senior Economist, Social Protection in the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office of The World Bank and co-author of the report "Keeping the Promise of Social Security in Latin America"

Jonathan Gruber, Professor of Economics at MIT and author of "Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World."

This program aired on February 4, 2005.


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