Breaking Down the FY06 Budget

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photoThe first Monday of February is the U.S. President's deadline for turning in his proposal for the next fiscal year's budget. And President Bush has just handed to Congress his budget proposal for fiscal year 2006.

The 442-page document has a lot of numbers that reveal Bush's vision and policy priorities. The two-and-a-half trillion dollar plan that seeks deep government spending cuts in the name of reducing the national debt.

Hear a discussion on what is and is not in the fiscal year 2006 budget proposal, and what it means for America's fiscal future.


Mike Allen, congressional correspondent for The Washington Post.;

Isabel Sawhill, Vice President and Director of Economic Studies at The Brookings Institution.;

Eric Engen, research scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, where he studies tax and budget policy and the US economy.

This program aired on February 7, 2005.


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