Death of Environmentalism?

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photoAmerican environmentalists can claim a great history and legacy of accomplishment from saving whale species to saving American wilderness and waterways. Now, the movement is under attack from within the environmentalist community itself.

In a controversial essay titled "The Death of Environmentalism" two little-known environmental activists are calling for a complete overhaul of the thinking process and strategy of the movement.

The essay has drawn heavy fire from leaders of the environmental movement, who accuse the authors of being short-sighted and divisive.

Tune in to hear about the current state of environmentalism from both sides of the debate.


Michael Shellenberger, strategist, director of the Breakthrough Institute and co-author of the essay "The Death of Environmentalism";
Judith Layzer, Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy at MIT and author of "The Environmental Case: Translating Values Into Policy";
Jon Coifman, Director of Communications for the Natural Resources Defense Council;
Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club.

This program aired on February 8, 2005.


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