Christine Todd Whitman

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photoChristine Todd Whitman was born a Republican. Her parents were major players in the party. As a child, she tagged along with them to the national conventions. As a young college graduate, she went to Washington to work for the party.

A few decades later, she was elected governor of New Jersey. The GOP considered the fiscal tough and pro-choice Whitman a rising star. President George W. Bush tapped her to head up the Environment Protection Agency. Then, everything changed.

Whitman became dismayed by the growing power of the far-right wing of the GOP. She saw so-called "social fundamentalists" trying to purge the party of moderate Republicans, herself included. She also disagreed with the directives from the White House on EPA policies. In 2003, Whitman resigned her position as head of EPA, and now, she's speaking out and sounding the alarm.

Tune in to hear a conversation with Christine Todd Whitman's for the heart of the GOP and the future of America.


Christine Todd Whitman, former New Jersey governor and EPA head, author of "It's My Party Too: The Battle for the Heart of the GOP and the Future of America."

This program aired on February 9, 2005.


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