Military Spouses

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photoAs the conflict in Iraq continues, military spouses wake up to empty beds, to children who miss a father or mother, to news reports of yet another suicide bombing attack in Baghdad or Mosul or Ramadi. And they wait, and pray, counting the days between phone calls from Iraq or Afghanistan, and the months until their family is whole again.

Unlike their spouses on the battlefield, military spouses don't get bronze or silver stars for being brave, for keeping children in line, for getting bills paid, and keeping spirits up when another helicopter crashes or a suicide bomber attacks.

Tune in to hear military spouses discuss their daily challenges of juggling kids, low-paying jobs, and, often, depression, while their husbands and wives are on the battlefield.


Babette Maxwell, co-founder and co-owner of Military Spouse Magazine

Regina Galvin, managing editor, Military Spouse Magazine

Kelly Seiler, she will be on the cover of the magazine's May/June issue

Stacey Brown, she is an army family historian and musician and her husband will deploy to Iraq in a few weeks

Judy Sexton, her husband is in the national guard and deployed in Iraq

This program aired on March 8, 2005.


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