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photoWhen it comes to teen sex in America, the key phrase for more than a generation has been "hooking up." It means almost anything — from oral sex to full intercourse with multiple partners. It also comes with a powerful suggestion of casualness that some say has now evolved into a new era of meaningless in teen sex.

But one recent teen sex scandal at Milton Academy, a tiny Massachusetts preparatory school, has parents and experts worried about just how jaded kids have become. The school expelled five male students after they received oral-sex in the boys locker-room from a 15 year-old female sophomore, allegedly as a birthday present for one of the boys.

The causes and consequences of so many casual, careless, even cold teen attitudes about sex, reach far and wide. Some now charge that boomers, the generation that celebrated sexual liberation, have raised a generation of teens for whom sex and intimacy mean nothing.

Hear about charges of an epidemic of meaningless teen sex, and the cost to a society that celebrates sex without significance.


Mark O'Conell, psychologist, his opinion piece "The Epidemic of Meaningless Teen Sex" appeared in the Boston Globe, author of "The Good Father: On Men, Masculinity, and Life in the Family"

Dr. Lynn Ponton, Professor of Psychiatry at The University of California at San Francisco, author of "The Sex Lives of Teens"

Denny Patten, founder and president of "Silver Ring Thing," a sexual abstinence program

This program aired on March 10, 2005.


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